27th WCE 2009 Munich, Germany * World Congress of Endourology & SWL * www.wce2009.de * October 6th - 10th 2009

Instructions for presenters

Accepted abstracts will be arranged as several types of presentations at WCE 2009:

- Moderated Poster
- Oral Presentation
- Video
- V-Poster

The standard PC system will be WindowsXP© with Office 2007.

Additional Information

Moderated Poster

1. The format and size of the poster should match the requirements (4.88 feet widths x 3.64 feet height; 149 x 111 cm) indicated on the official website of WCE2009. Authors are responsible to take the poster to the meeting by themselves.

2. Please go to the assigned meeting room before the session begins and put up your poster on the poster board marked with your Assigned Presentation ID. Also please remove your poster from the board after the session. Otherwise your poster will be assumed discarded.

3. The poster presentation will be held in a podium-like session. After 30 minutes’ overview on posters, each author will have up to 2 minutes to make a brief presentation (with PowerPoint if needed). At the end of the session, there will be a short time for Questions & Answers.

4. If you will use PowerPoint slides for your presentation, please name the PowerPoint file as your Assigned Presentation ID.

5. All the PowerPoint files should be made on the official template. The template is downloadable here:
Powerpoint template download

Oral Presentation

1. Microsoft© PowerPoint©-Presentations have to be attached by the font types that be used and the media files.

2. It’s possible to hand your template by

- USB Pen Drive
- CD
- External hard disk

3. All presentations are restricted to 7 minutes. (5 minutes talk, 2 minutes discussion.)

4. Please use PowerPoint slides for your presentation, name the PowerPoint file as your Assigned Presentation ID.


1. The video presentation should be limited in 7 minutes with the main point of the surgery emphasized. The video has to be presented in English and has to be in a separate file.

2. The title of the video, the authors’ name, institution and correspondence should be presented in the video.

3. Video format:

- DivX
- Xvid
- WMV (Windows Media)

Screen ratio 4:3, suitable to display on 300 inch screen.
Please don’t use "videos as to PowerPoint© for MAC" and rather choose PNG (Mac OS X) or JPG as graphic format.

4. The video clips are required to be named as your Assigned Presentation ID and recorded in a DVD (video or data) disk, which should be couriered to the Media Place not later than 60 minutes before the Session will be start.


As a special highlight we will offer the V-poster presentation. Using of one screen, we present one (!) power-point slide, this allows to insert video clips and animated graphics. The poster will be presented only on the main screen.

The V- poster should be made with Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2003 or later). The aspect ratio is 16:9.

The Power Point slide should be in English and the authors’ name, institution and correspondence should be noted in the slide.

Example V-Poster Windows

Example V-Poster Mac

For further information, please contact:

Audiovisuelle Kommunikation GmbH
Am Feldrain 1-3
34253 Lohfelden